Castle Clicker: Builder Tycoon (mobile)

Level of attention required to play: 5/5

“If you don’t look at the screen or tap manually, you’re most likely not making as much progress as you think…”

Most people start their clicker journey with the classic Cookie Clicker, letting the countless grandmas ease your addiction of tapping away at the screen as they constantly bake you copious amounts of cookies for the sake of world domination. As for me, I may have dabbled in a few clickers beforehand but none of them made as much of an impression to me as Kelson Kulger’s Castle Clicker: Builder Tycoon.

CC:BT is a free game that can be found on Google Play and has been around since late 2015. It’s still going strong with the developer making constant updates every month or so. You can tell there’s a lot of love in the game as the devs are always asking the community for feedback and responds quickly to it. There are numerous sound tracks included as well as seasonal events every year, which make for a lovely and engaging app.

The game itself is very simple and yet a bit more unique than other clickers I’ve played. Typically, most idle games revolve around only one resource which they spend to increase the idle/clicker bonus: money. In CC:BT, there’s multiple resources such as lumber, wool, fabrics and many types of ores and each of them have their own pools and max capacities. Each of these are gained via tapping their respective icons in their own windows and are then used to refine them into higher tier resources or in the construction of town buildings or ships.

CC resources.png
There’s another page of different resources as well! This is only the beginning…

Boats are incredibly important as they are the main source of cash flow and are responsible for finding mines. Each trip to sell or search for a mine increases in the time it takes for the action to perform but upgrading them will decrease this timer so it’s important to keep them well maintained. The mines you find in the game only hold a limited amount of ores in them, so it is necessary to always be searching for more in order to be able to craft.

CC travel time.png
I’ve seen the timer go up to 21 days before…. That’s when you know you need to upgrade them boats.

When you’re capable of doing so, you can start building guilds and other buildings such as a bank or music hall which will allow for unique and special functions. One of the basic buildings is a Keep. Building these will allow you to hire workers who will gain resources for you passively. In all honesty, these guys are OP and it requires a lot of gold per second to fund them so good quality boats are your best friend!

At any point of the game, you’ll have the option to soft reset your game for some higher base clicking stats and a few bonus levels at the beginning of your new game+ depending on how advanced your town is. This functions like many other clicker games, making the progression to end game faster however, multiple resets don’t stack but instead overwrite each other so the idea is to get as far as you can before resetting. So if you reach end game, how do you get it higher? Well, after you construct at least one of each building in your town and ‘finish’ the game, you’ll unlock another ‘tier’ of buildings. It’s essentially another batch of the exact same buildings for you to make but they cost more and are more effective. For example, tier 1 farms might give you 1k sheep per building at a cost of 10k lumber but tier 2 farms will give you 20k sheep for a cost of 1m lumber. The numbers are just hypothetical but you catch my drift. Higher tier buildings are more costly but definitely more powerful.

This goes on for as many times as you’re willing to reset the game and it all contributes to an overall score that your account will have and will be shown on a leader board. This leader board will refresh with every season and if you have a competitive spirit, you’ll do your best to reach the top and reset like mad! I’m not sure if there is much of an incentive otherwise for being at the top of the leader board except for pride, glory and fame. I was never one for fighting for the top; I quite enjoy being able to shear 10 billion sheep in a few seconds of tapping.

CC leaderboard.png
I don’t exist in this season’s leaderboard… You have to reset and start a new game+ to join a season. No thanks, I don’t want to lose all my sheep!

Either way, I’ll always look fondly at this game. There aren’t any game breaking bugs. You can watch ads daily to gain premium gems and the microtransactions aren’t really pay to win. The only one that might pose a problem is the auto clicker which for a few or more dollars you can buy to automatically click for you multiple times a second. There are various levels of this perk so if you had the money, you could trick the game into thinking you have machine gun finger tips. There’s a lot of clicking in the game though and for it to work, you have to manually activate it every time you switch menus/resources so to be honest,  I don’t think it really matters. It’s really just a quality of life upgrade so people don’t get RSI playing the game.  Sounds fair to me although if I bought a high level of it, I feel like I won’t have fun playing the game anymore since my resource pools would cap in a matter of minutes.

If you like clicker games, I recommend you give this one a shot. I may be biased as it was my first memorable clicker, but even now years later I still feel like it’s one of the better ones. I think the only reason I wouldn’t give this game a perfect score is because it gets repetitive or the fact it requires a lot of attention. There’s no real incentive for playing long term except topping the leader board and even then I’m not sure if there is a reward or not. That being said, I quite enjoy the grind and I personally find it engaging enough to warrant the hours I’ve lost to this game.

Score: 9/10


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